Funding Opportunities

Photo credit: DodgertonSkillhause from morguefile.com CCE funding opportunities are available through numerous public and private organizations. Financial support can include grants for schools and community groups, achievement awards for both educators and students and environmental education scholarships. Below are links to several donor organizations: ACE Action Scholarships (USA) California-based Alliance for Climate Education offers students grants and scholarships (up to US$2,500) for projects aimed at greening schools. Big Lottery Fund (UK) Britain’s Big Lottery Fund offers grants from £300 to over £500,000 to organisations ranging from small local groups to major national charities. Proposals related to environment and education are encouraged. British Ecological Society: Innovation in Ecological Education Grant (UK) Grants of up to £1,500 to help teachers develop creative and innovative approaches in communicating ecology to young people of all ages. Cambridgeshire Community Foundation: A Cause with Effect This British foundation offers small grants (maximum £5,000) for charitable projects undertaken by voluntary/community groups in Cambridgeshire and … [Read More...]